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Open Source Headless CMS

Accelerate your Development

Burdy helps you build reliable and scaleable applications. Manage multiple sites and/or multiple languages, all while using a single system and a beautiful UI for your content and data.

omni-channel cms
$ npx create-burdy-app

How does Burdy work


Model Content Types

Add custom types, components and templates that match your requirements. Use many out of the box fields, build reusable custom components and create dynamic layouts using zones.

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Create Content

After initial setup hand over creation of the content to your authors for them to start creating new pages and filling the content.

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Deliver content

Connect your favourite framework with a Burdy over REST api and start delivering the content to your end users. Match framework router with Burdy pages 1:1 and build predictable page hierarchy.

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Powerful Benefits

data structures

Any Data Structure

Build any data type using multi-level arrays, components and dynamic zones.

preview editor

Preview Editor

Live preview the changes using the powerful preview editor



Manage multiple web or mobile applications using the hierarchical sites

digital asset management

Digital Asset Management

Manage digital assets with multi-level folder structure support

cloud backup

Backup Management

Backup, export, import and transport your content across different environments

post versioning

Post Versioning

Preview and restore past versions of your content in few clicks


Intuitive Experience

We designed the product with two key users in mind: developers and authors. Authoring experience is intuitive and easy, digital assets are structured in tree manner, as is the content (pages). Blog, create and expand your business with fewer clicks.

digital asset management

Easily Extend

Using our hook system heavily inspired by WordPress, you can extend the platform with the features you see fit. Add new endpoints, models and admin pages, with few function calls.

extensible cms

Enterprise Ready

amazon web services

Cloud Native

Burdy platform has been battle tested on AWS and DigitalOcean, allowing you to scale.

docker support


Dockerfile is provided out of the box along with docker-compose examples.


Various Databases

We support SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL and MariaDB. Choose your favorite.


React / Node

Next-gen stack known by most engineers, reducing training time.



Our codebase is written in TypeScript. Type safer with TypeScript.

open source

Open Source

Our code is available on GitHub and based on MIT Expat license.

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