Quick Start Guide

Getting started with Burdy is very simple. The only requirement is having Node installed (we suggest using version 16). As a starter development environment, Burdy will be bootstrapped with SQLite.

Step 1 - Installation

Run the following command:

npx create-burdy-app@latest burdy-starter-app

This will install everything you need to get started. After the installation is completed you will be promoted with some instructions. Essentially all you need to do to run Burdy is to:

cd burdy-starter-app
npm run dev

Step 2 - Creating Your Account

After running the dev command Burdy should be available on the http://localhost:4000. You will be prompted to create a new account. This account will have all the privileges (will be marked as admin).

Create First Account

Step 3 - Create Some Content

After following the first 2 steps Burdy should be available for use, and you can get started with creating the content, uploading assets, and managing users. Refer to the documentation for each of these to learn more.

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