New Project

The simplest way to install Burdy is by using npx:

npx create-burdy-app <project-name>

This will create a new folder in the current directory named project-name, with SQLite database and everything you need to get started.

Existing Project

If you already have a project in which you would like to use Burdy you can integrate it with few simple steps.

Install Dependancy

First you must install Burdy as one of your NPM dependencies.

npm install burdy

(Optional) Create the Folder Structure

If you don't want to customize Burdy, you may skip this step.

You can refer to our GitHub page in order to view and copy all the necessary files.

Generally it is suggested to copy: tsconfig.json and the project folder.

Add scripts to your package.json

Add the following scripts to your package.json:

"dev": "burdy dev",
"build": "burdy build",
"start": "node burdy/build/main.js",

And you are all set!

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