Content API

Out of the box, Burdy offers 2 main content APIs.

Posts / Pages

To retrieve published posts or pages you can use /api/content/<slugPath>. Slug path represents a full slug including ancestors path to some post or page.

For example:

  • if page doesn't have parent and its slug is test, content will be available at /api/content/test endpoint.
  • If page with a slug getting-started does have parent with slug docs, content can be found at /api/content/docs/getting-started endpoint.


Similarly to posts and pages, to retrieve the content of the assets use endpoint /api/uploads/<npath>. Npath represents the full named path to some asset.

For example:

  • if an asset is in the root folder and its name is image.png, the content will be available at /api/uploads/image.png endpoint.
  • if asset image.png is in folder Images, the content will be available at /api/uploads/Images/image.png endpoint.
Please note both endpoints are case sensitive


To retrieve any post or asset by any criteria you can easily add a new backend endpoint using our hooks and using the TypeORM repository or entityManager to retrieve items from the database.

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