Backup Management allows you to safely store all of your Burdy content on the file system that you are currently using. The power of backup management also comes from the ability to download and upload backups across different environments. Apart from being able to make backups, Burdy also creates post versions every time you update the page, meaning you can preview and restore any historical version of your page/post.

Note: Users and other settings are not backed-up. Burdy backups include assets, sites, content types, and tags.

Accessing Backup

Accessing backups is straightforward, go to Settings and then to Backups. If you have any backups available, you will see them in the list as such:

List of available backups

There are 5 actions that you can take:

  • Create Backup - creates a backup with all of the data you currently have in Burdy
  • Download Backup - downloads a local version of the selected backup
  • Delete - removes the remote version of the selected backup(s)
  • Import - imports the backup to remote from a local file
  • Restore - restores all the data from the selected backup

Creating backups with Burdy is simple and efficient. In case you want to import the data onto a different environment, create a backup, then download it. On another environment import the backup, and then restore it.

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