Burdy 2.0

Empowered visual approach to content management. Omni-channel supremacy.

We are proud to announce a new major version of Burdy 2.0! The goal of this release was to add useful enterprise-grade features and simplify the existing ones. These improvements make Burdy easier to use while offering better features. This release heavily allows you to manage multiple channels (sites) at once.

Release Brief

We've created some powerful new features that will help businesses and developers across the globe manage the content easier than ever.

What's New?

  • Preview Editor - Besides Headless Editor we have released a new Editor based on IFrame. Now you can manage content and preview your updates live on your websites directly from Burdy.
  • Backup Management - New way of managing backups of your entire data. Backup, restore, export, import, and move content across environments - All from the admin panel!
  • Hierarchical Posts - We have added the support for Hierarchical Posts which represent repeatable pages such as blogs and docs. All content can now be organized insides of Sites.


  • Better Authoring Experience - Managing Multiple sites or mobile apps from a single Burdy has never been easier. With optimized Sites, you can now manage tens of thousands of pages and posts in a single Burdy.
  • New Cloud Provider - Besides native support for AWS infrastructure, we are officially announcing native support for DigitalOcean.
  • Improved Localization Capability - With the unified post/page structure, localization is a second nature of our system.

Preview Editor

Preview Editor is a main new feature created in the Burdy ecosystem that will make you rethink the way you manage the content. As you are typing, the changes are displayed directly in the preview editor.

Preview Editor - Page Builder

With Burdy Preview Editor you can see the changes instantly on the live site, before publishing the post.

Backup Management

Backup management allows you to create backups, restore and import them. They are a simple, but powerful addition to the Burdy ecosystem, as they allow you to keep your platform safe and backed up.

Burdy Backup Management

Hierarchical Posts

We have improved our omnichannel experience by unifying the posts with hierarchical sites. In the new Burdy version you will no longer see posts as a standalone, instead, they will be available as a part of Sites.

Hierarchical Posts - Blogs

What this means for you - Everything is unified and omnipotent, your blogs can be internationalized and localized. You can have different pages, posts based on your channel (different sites, mobile apps, tv app...). All in a single platform.


Burdy 2.0 has brought a lot of new and powerful features which allow you to create and organize your content better than ever.

Sneak Peek at upcoming features

  • Publish content across environments - Deliver your content across multiple Burdy systems (from one environment to another), with a few simple clicks.
  • Redis Support - We aim to improve content delivery performance by providing native Redis support. You can expect to serve thousands of requests per second with ease.

Breaking Change: Burdy 2.0 is not reverse compatible with Burdy 1.0.

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